Fruits Basket volume 11 is my favorite book of the series. I remember when it came out on my last day of school right before winter break. My mom took me and my sister grocery shopping that night and I begged her to let me stay in the car so I could read. When she did, I sat alone and read my book in the glow of the street lamp. I squeed when Kyo admitted (through thought) that he loved Tohru. That, for me, is one of my favorite Fruits Basket and high school memories.

I used to hate Machi, before I actually got to know her character. Now I really like her and feel bad that I hated her because she’s a lot like me.

I always loved Motoko, particularly in the episodes of the anime that focused on her. I really appreciate that they show her as being much more complex than a petty love rival, and how she ultimately understands that she is the mean and obsessed one. She swears to do ‘some growing up,’ and walks away gracefully. Plus, she’s not perfect - she stutters and messes up with the best of them and not in a ‘cute’ way. In many aspects, she feels much more human and relatable than Tohru to me.

I loathed Yuki in the anime. I liked Kyo just because he hated Yuki as much as I did. Then I finished the manga, and now Yuki is my favorite character.He has so much strength.

I’m confessing that Kyoko was almost like an idol to me because she transformed from a “I-do-what-I-want-when-I-want” gang member to a wise, loving, and caring mother; a wonderful person in general. I just wanted to confess that about Fruits Basket!

"Fruits Basket" and "Ouran High-School Host Club" are my favorite stories because they each had protagonists that I relate to more than I ever have with someone. When I think about how they make me feel, and then look at how shallow other fans act in regards to how they enjoy these stories, it made me realize how much I don’t ever want to be part of a fandom.

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Okay, question time: I don't mean to be...well, MEAN...but WHAT happened to the art style as the series progressed? It started out SO beautiful and detailed and by the end it was so much less detailed, so much less beautifil. The characters lookex totally different & not in a "they grew up" way but more like they got rounder faces and less detailed hair/eyes/bodies?? Do you know why this is? bc it makes me so disappointed.

Takaya’s art style did change, yes. But there isn’t really a specific reason I can give as to why this happened. However I can give you three possible factors for the change.

Personally, I much prefer the art at the end of Fruits Basket. I think it’s much cleaner and her capacity for showcasing emotions improves. I also enjoy the way she lays out panels and full page spreads by the end.

However, if you prefer the early art that’s perfectly okay too! I have a soft spot for the middle phase of her artwork and really enjoy the volumes where she’s at the stage just because I feel like I’m indulging myself a little (even if the ending style is my absolute favorite).

In the end, art styles just change. Especially in longer series like Fruits Basket. 

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Can you please tell me from what manga volumes is Tohru in her 1st year at high school, 2nd and 3rd? I can't remember when she goes to each grade and I'm really confused about the timeline/time span.

This is from Wikipedia about Japanese school years: "In Japan, almost all schools run a three-term school year (trimester system). Most schools with a trimester system have a first term from April 1 to late July. The exact date of the beginning of the summer break and its duration vary across regions, but commonly the break lasts for about six weeks. 

A second term lasts from early September to late December with a two-week long break for New Year’s at the end of the year. The term is followed by a third term from early January to late March and a brief week-long spring break. The graduation ceremony occurs in March, and the enrollment ceremony in early April. The Japanese public school year consists of approximately 200 days, contrary to claims for a much longer school year seen in some forums.”

All right. We know that Tohru’s mom was killed in May and therefore not long after she started high school since she’s a first year in volume one. 

So her first year is volumes one through three. Remember that she learned on the White Day (March 14th) trip to the onsen that Momiji and Haru would be first years at her school. That happened at the end of volume three and volume four opens with Tohru exclaiming how cute all the new first years are.

Therefore, her second year begins with volume four. A lot of things happen within Tohru’s second year of high school and the school year doesn’t wrap up until around the end of volume nineteen. Remember how Motoko graduated a year before Yuki and there was a little drama when it was revealed that Nao thought of Yuki as a rival because he had a crush on Motoko?

Third year is about volume twenty through twenty-three. Which when I say it sounds weird, but… that’s how it is. I’ve heard people complain that the characters’ third year takes far too long, but in reality it’s their second year that takes up such a huge chunk of time. There’s a bit of a time jump from when the curse breaks to graduation day so that’s why it goes by so quickly.

Anyway, I hope this answers your question. :) 

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How old was Akito when she and Shigure started sleeping together? Because she looks REALLY young in the manga. And aren't they 10 years apart in age?

Well, to be honest, I’m not sure. A definite age for Akito is never given but she seems to be a year or two older than Yuki and there is a 10 year age gap between Yuki and Ayame (and therefore, Shigure as well) so I usually guess that Akito is roughly 18 at the beginning for the manga. That being said, Shigure refers to the time he slept with Ren as “such a long time ago” so… I really don’t know an exact time frame for that. However, the reason Shigure slept with Ren is partly because Akito slept with Kureno. Gotta love the soap opera. Knowing that, we can say that Akito was at least sexually active “such a long time ago”, but I really don’t know when she and Shigure had sex for the first time.

Here’s a small panel meant to depict Akito sending Shigure away after he had sex with her mother and she looks to be maybe 16 or so. 


Does that help?